We were both introduced to Angkorian culture at an early age. As dancers, we performed the Khmer Classical Ballet on stage in Asia and North America. We enjoyed watching old Khmer 1960s-1970s films portraying princesses in royal regalia. We spent our pastime listening to our mother retell stories and myths of the divine. The cultural appreciation took root, and we dreamed of being mermaids and other mythical beings. This fascination lingered into adulthood and is now a passion as we set out to make this girlhood fairy-tale fantasy into an everyday reality.

Drawing inspiration from the Kingdom of Angkor and cultivating it in New York City encompasses our work. Being from New York, we harnessed opportunities from many aspects of a multi-faceted city. From a seasoned modeling career to earning a bachelor’s from the Fashion Institute of Technology and working at a global prestige powerhouse, our experiences, coupled with an unwavering spirit, put us on this emboldened path.

Our jewelry is lightweight and made in New York City using recycled or ethical metals. The jewelry’s structure is consistent with the art aesthetics of the ancient Khmers. The structure’s designing and crafting stages were meticulously planned and tested for wearability. The intricate carvings and patterns on each piece honor tradition yet are distinctively stylish today.


Our mission is to build a global appreciation for Cambodian arts and culture. To help halt the waning of a culture we know is worth preserving, we decided to make our version of ancient Khmer-inspired jewelry, aiming to have a bit infused into everyday wear.

We hope our pieces will generate a feeling of being divine and alluring any day of the week for the wearer. We hope to create intrigue for the heritage amongst enthusiasts and hope they will cherish the pieces for years.


We’re taking steps to help support the preservation and restoration efforts of Angkor’s temples. In 2024, we donated to the World Monuments Funds. We look forward to staying connected with the WMF and its Regional Representative of Southeast Asia to keep updated of the ongoing restoration projects on Cambodia’s archeological park’s structures and temples. The WMF’s work and its networks that support the preservation of these temples have been a significant inspiration for our work, and we are excited to continue supporting their efforts.