○ 925 Sterling silver ○Skin friendly ○ High quality and shiny finish ○ Architecturally shaped for a bas-relief sculptural effect ○ Features the revered and holy lotus flower capturing its beauty in two of its life phases ○ Oversized clip and extended post for added luxe and stability ○ Thin and lightweight for comfort ○ One size fits most ○ Sold as a pair ○ Preorder delivery approximately 4 weeks ○ Direct signature required for delivery ○

The Phkachhouck (lotus) 2.0 earrings symbolize hope in the face of adversity. Despite its muddy water roots, the lotus flower grows tall, rising above the murk and blooms with remarkable beauty. The earrings honor the lotus by capturing its beauty in two of its life phases. The smaller buds trailing down in their trials and tribulations stage and the large lotus in full bloom in its most accomplished and enlightened state.
The earrings are made to wear, helping to honor ancient Khmer culture outside of museums and the elite’s private collection. The cubic 2.0 is a deviation. Its armor-like structure exudes power and a form of strength found in warriors while its fringe illusion also makes 2.0 chic and modern.

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