Morokot Ring


○ 18k or 14k gold with brilliant 0.60ct emerald ○ Skin friendly ○ High quality and shiny finish ○ Inspired from the handful of surviving ancient Khmer royalty rings ○ Oversized pedestal with two-tiered high-relief carvings and 4 lotus petal shaped prongs ○  Asymmetrically shaped band for a handcrafted and nostalgic look ○ Made to order ○ Stone size may vary slightly ○ Direct signature required for delivery ○ All customs and duty fees for international shipping are the responsibility of the buyer ○

Predestine to find a place in the Hand collection, the Morokot ring’s inspiration came from the few surviving relics with precious gemstones of the ancient royal Khmer civilization. The Morokot ring is architecturally Khmer, featuring a brilliant 0.60ct emerald set with four lotus leaf-shaped prongs. The emerald sits atop a two-tiered pedestal with 3D carvings of patterns found on relic chignon covers meant to be used by the divine. The pedestal’s high relief carvings are bold and contrast with the band’s smooth surface. The contradiction helps emphasize and showcase an art form developed by skilled ancient Khmer sculptors. 
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Dimensions 1.97 × 2.62 × .38 in



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