From being introduced early on to performing in the Cambodian Classical Dance, to observing for the very first time the Royal Ballet’s regalia portrayed in 1960s-70s Khmer films, as well as listening to ancient myths retold by our mother when we were just girls, our obsession with the jewelry depicted on princesses, apsaras and mermaids (machas) took root. Daydreaming about wearing extravagant pieces and likening ourselves to mythical creatures and divine beings became part of our childhood. As adults, the fascination still lingers and now, setting out to make this fairy-tale fantasy into an everyday reality is our latest obsession.

Drawing inspiration from the Kingdom of Angkor and cultivating it in New York City encompasses our work. Being from New York, we harnessed aspects of the many facets of the city. From a seasoned modeling career, to earning a Bachelors from the Fashion Institute of Technology and working at a global prestige powerhouse, our experiences, combined with an unwavering spirit put us on this emboldened path.

Our jewelry is lightweight and made in New York City using recycled or ethical metals. The structure is meticulously crafted for wearability with an intricate design that honors tradition yet is distinctively stylish today.


Our mission is to build a global appreciation for Cambodian arts and culture. To help halt the waning of a culture we know is worth preserving, we decided to make our own ancient Khmer inspired jewelry, aiming to have a bit infused into everyday wear.

We hope our jewelry will generate in an individual a feeling of being divine and alluring any day of the week, create intrigue for the heritage and have the pieces cherished for years to come.